Tour Of Duty

Tour Of Duty

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What if Defence Aspirants would get Internship at India’s most exciting Forces i.e. Indian Armed Forces?

So the answer is Yes!

In May 2020 , the Indian Army announced it is  planning to introduce a novel programme on a pilot basis that will allow civilians to serve within its ranks, either as officers or jawans, on a three-year short-service 'Tour of Duty.'This will be an opportunity for the youngsters to experience military life. This will also be an opportunity for those who do not want to join Army as a profession but wish to experience the military life for a temporary duration.


Idea of Tour of Duty:

The idea came up after the army learnt from visits to colleges and universities that the youth were eager to experience army life. This idea was born of why not give youth an opportunity to serve for two to three years.


Why Tour Of Duty is proposed?

Tour of Duty will attract youth to join the armed forces, because it will not only give them a good experience of serving for a limited duration, but also a good remuneration, and they will be relieved with a lump-sum amount, aside from other perks and benefits which come with the service.

Past experiences from the 1999 Kargil conflict as well as the defence forces of other countries, such as Israel, show that three years is an adequate period, In the Kargil conflict, officers and jawans with less than three years of service had shown an exemplary performance.

Now let us discuss Tour of Duty in details:


The Indian Army Tour of Duty is the third type of  method to get in to and serve the Indian Army and the country. The duration of service is comparatively very low to the other two recruitment methods, so if you are thinking that there will be some relaxation in the eligibility criteria then you might be wrong. The eligibility criteria  for selection will be the same, so there will be no relaxation for height, weight, age, medical condition and physical fitness.




If approved it will be a voluntary engagement and there will be no dilution in selection criteria.  Initially 100 officers and 1,000 men are being considered for recruitment as part of test bedding of the project. They will be trained for the first year of the three-year period.



Tour of Duty  is a good step to give the young generation a chance to serve their motherland. The discipline and the training from the army will shape a better future and a better life for the youth.

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