Oldest Regiment Of The Indian Army - Madras Regiment

Oldest Regiment Of Indian army

The oldest regiment of the Indian army is the madras regiment. Madras regiment has the 25 years of old history of courage and velour. The madras regiment centre is located in Wellington, Coimbatore. Their war cry is- ‘Adi Kollu, Adi Kollu’ (Strike and Kill, Strike and Kill!) 


The regiment history can be traced is about 1758, when the St.

George fort in madras was seized by the French. The Madras East India Company raised a company of men to defend themselves. Sir Robert Clive raised 2 battalions in Madras. This is how the regiment battalions kept on going and by 1825, 80 battalions of madras regiment were standing strong.

The Madras Regiment Centre, Wellington is the ‘alma mater’ of the entire regiment. The entire regimental history is collated, generated and documented there. All soldiers who wish to join the regiment are groomed & trained at the MRC. 

  • The ninth battalion, formerly known as the Nair Brigade

(Nayar Battalion) is technically the oldest battalion in the madras regiment. They were the guards for the Maharaja of Travancore (1861).

  • Their first major encounter was during their participation in the 2nd Anglo Maratha were in 1803.
  • The madras regiment earned 22 battle honours later before 1928 itself; they had participated in 2 china war, one Afghan, 3 Burmese, 2 Maratha wars.
  • The regiments recruits from 5 southern states-

Tamil Nadu; Kerela; Andhra Pradesh; Telangana and Karnataka.

  • Madras regiment have participated in all years, Indian has fought since independence.
  • Indian army deployed 7 battalions of the regiment during Operation Pawan in Srilanka from 1987-1989.
  • They have also served in Indians highest battel field, Siachen with distinction. The brave, Lance Naik Hanumanthappa was also from 19 madras.
  • The regiment’s current size is 21 Battalions