Idioms and phrases


  1. Win laurels : to win honours

  2. Wash dirty linen in public: to expose private affairs in public

  3. Turn one’s coat: to change one’s party

  4. Tall talk : boasting

  5. Strain every nerve : to make every possible efforts

  6. live wire :                                                            a person who is lively or  energetic

  7. apple of discord :                                              something that cause trouble or unhappiness

  8. break the ice :                                                   initate a talk

  9. bull in a china shop :                                       a clumsy person

  10. on the horns of dilemma :                              having to decide between between two things.

  11. penelop's web:                                                 an endless job

  12. a close shave:                                                   a narrow espace from danger

  13. a salad days:                                                     the days of one's youthful

  14. on the same page:                                           thinking in a similar way

  15. plain smiling:                                                     smooth and easy progress in a process or activity

  16. the gift of the gab:                                             ability to speak well

  17. to get cold feet :                                              to be afraid

  18. a golden mean :                                               middle course between two extremes

  19. catch time by the forelock:                            seize an opportunity

  20. alma mater:                                                     from which one's graduate

  21. sail in the same boat:                                     to be in same situation

  22. to take a leap in the dark:                             to do hazardous thing without any idea of the result

  23. to catch somebody on the hop:                   to catch somebody off gurad

  24. off guard:                                                         not willing to do something

  25. to be in obey once:                                         in suspension postpone

  26. to swap one's fingure:                                   to become contemptuous of

  27. the aplha and omega:                                   beginning and end

  28. pull a fast one:                                                to succeed in an act of deception

  29. feather one's own nest:                                 to make one self richer in a dishonest or imporoper way

  30. without rhyme or reason :                           without any justification

  31. wild goose chase:                                          useless efforts

  32. turn one's coat :                                             to change one's party

  33. under the rose:                                               secretely

  34. rub shoulders with:                                        to meet and spend time with

  35. to give currency:                                            make publicily known

  36. to haul over the coals:                                  to put to task

  37. to temp providence :                                     to take reckless risks

  38. a storm in a tea cup:                                     much excitement over something trivial

  39. to workship the rising sun:                          to honour the promising people

  40. Cut both ends :                                              to argue in support of both sides of the issue

  41. Dark horse :                                                  unexpected winner

  42. Dead broke :                                                  penniless

  43. Die hard :                                                      resistant to change

  44. Cut throat :                                                 tough

  45. Cloven hoof :                                             symbol of evil intention

  46. Cock a snook :                                            to show impudent contempt

  47. Cold reception :                                         not a heartly welcome

  48. Come across :                                            meet by chance

  49. Come home to :                                      to understand

  50. Come in handy :                                       to be useful

  51. Come to a pass :                                     a difficult situation

  52. Cool one’s heel :                                      to be kept waiting

  53. Curry favour :                                         to win favour by flattery

  54. Curtain lecture :                                    to private scolding by wife to her husband

  55. Call a spade a spade :                         to be frank

  56. Call names :                                           to abuse

  57. Capital punishment :                           death penalty

  58. Carrot and stick policy :                       reward and punishment policy.

  59. Carry matters with a high hand :       to deal with a person strictly

  60.  Cast a slur :                                            to bring disgrace

  61. Cave in :                                                  one must not cave in under pressure or temptation

  62. Cheek by jowl :                                      close together

  63. Clip one’s wings :                                 to weaken the power

  64. Close shave :                                        a narrow escape

  65. Blue stocking :                                        an educated intellectual lady

  66. Break the ice :                                        to break silence by speaking first

  67. Bring down the house :                        receive great applause

  68. Bring home :                                          to explain

  69. Book to book :                                       to punish

  70. Bring to light :                                       to disclose

  71. Brow beat :                                            to intimidate

  72. Burn ones boats :                                 point of no return

  73. By and by :                                            gradually

  74. By and large :                                      on the whole

  75. By the rule of thumb :                        according to practical experience

  76. Bated breath :                                    holding your breath

  77. Bear the palm :                                   to be victorious

  78. Beat the air :                                       to make useless efforts

  79. Bee in one’s bonnet :                         go on talking about  something which other people think is not important

  80. Below the belt :                                  to strike unfairly

  81. Beside oneself :                                  to feel extremely nervous

  82. Beside the mark :                               irrelevant

  83. Between scylla and charybdis :       between two great dangers

  84. Blaze the trail :                                    to be a pioneer and make path for others

  85. Blessing in disguise :                         something intrinsically good but having a bad appearance

  86. Add a new feather in one’s cap:        to occupier a new honour or distinction

  87. An eye wash:                                          a pretence

  88. An old head on young shoulders:       to be more matured than one’s own age

  89. As fit as a fiddle:                                    strong and healthy

  90. Assume airs:                                           to pretend superiority

  91. At a stone’s throw:                                at a little distance

  92. At large:                                                 absconding

  93. At loggerheads:                                    to be at strife

  94. At one’s beck and call:                         at service

  95. Backstairs influence  :                         improper and private influence                         

  96. A nig - nog   :                                        a foolish man

  97. a penelope’s web:                               something is routinely undone

  98. A sore point    :                                     a sensitive or annoying issue

  99. A square deal   :                                   fair deal

  100. Above board    :                                    to do something openly

  101. Accept the gaunlet :                            accept challenge

  102. Ace up ones sleeve:                             a secret weapon for advantage

  103. Achilles heel         :                              weakness

  104. Acid test   :                                          tough task

  105. Adams ale :                                          water

  106. All agog   :                                           amazed

  107. All and sundry :                                  all people

  108. All greek  :                                          expression difficult to understand