Para commandos or PARA SF is a special forces unit of the Indian Army's Parachute Regiment  and is tasked with missions such
as special operations, direct actions, hostage special forces operations rescue, special  reconnaissance,  foreign internal
defense,  counter-proliferation counter-insurgency seek and destroy, personnel recovery.

Para commandos are one of the most highly trained special forces of the Indian Army.
Because of the extremely fatal nature of the operations they perform, they are kept at an optimum level of operational efficiency
and physical fitness, and only the most physically fit, mentally robust intelligent, and highly motivated soldiers are inducted
into the fleet.

Para commandos go through the most grueling commando training regimes in the world which is for 90 days popularly
known as 'Probation Period '.


The first 35 days comprise ' Physical & Skill Training '. This includes hours of rigorous exercise, weapon training, demolition skills

Probationers are also taught:
 - Animal Handling skills, Insertion & Extraction techniques & several languages. 50% of probationers drop out at this stage.

- On Day 45, a 36 Hour Stress Test is conducted. This includes carrying about 30 Kg battle load
   and additional loads weighing up to 40 Kgs

- Observation skill test is conducted under high-pressure conditions

- Between Days 60-90 the toughest test is conducted which is called Counter-Terror Operation. The details for this test are not
    available in the public domain.

 - As each unit of Para SF has its own specialization, the probation periods and tests vary from Battalion to Battalion

 - This post just gives a General Overview of the Few of the Many Hardships that soldiers face during the Probation Period