Operation Ginger

On 30 July 2011, Pakistani bat soldiers suddenly attacked the Indian Army's Guldhar post in Kupwara behind their backs.6 soldiers of the Kumaon and Rajput regiments of the Indian Army were stationed on this post.Two of the soldiers who were martyred in this attack beheaded the Indian soldiers and took Pakistani bat soldiers with them.

Indian Army officers and jawans were very angry with this cowardly act when a video clip was recovered from the Pak intruder who was killed on the LoC.In that video clip, Pakistani bat soldiers were happy to put the severed head of an Indian army soldier on the table and wave AK 47 in his hand.


Now it was the turn of Pakistan's dastardly army to answer in his own words, then Major General SK Chakraborty, Chief of the 28th Division of Kupwara, made the plan of Operation Ginger for the Pakistani forces.

Operation Ginger is counted among the deadliest strikes of the Indian Army.

Major general s k Chakravarti had decided to do this operation without informing the then UPA government and he was successful in it.


For this operation, the Indian Army conducted surveillance and air recognition to identify at least 7 physical targets.


The Indian Army used its unmanned drone for the Air Recon mission, through this mission, three Pakistani posts were identified, one of which was a police post across the LoC  And second near Jaur Pakistani army post and third Hifazat and Lajjat lodging point.


Intelligence received from this Recon mission revealed that the highest number of Pakistani bat soldiers are present at the police post located near this LoC,So it was decided to do more damage to this target.


After two months of continuous Rekki, the Indian Army decided to launch Operation Ginger,The day chosen for this operation is Tuesday 30 August 2011.

A team of 25 para commandos was formed for this operation, on 29 August at 3:00 am, the commandos reached their designated launch pad with their team,And it remained hidden till 10:00 in the night, then at 10:30 in the night the team of commandos started crossing the LoC. On August 30, at 4:00 AM, the commandos reached near the Pakistani police post For the next 1 hour, from 4:00 am to 5:00 pm, Indian commandos laid landmines and explosives around the Pakistani police post And waiting for the clearance from the war room, these 25 commandos were ready to ambush by forming three separate teams.


And when the clearance was received from the war room, the Indian commandos started the operation and in this 45-minute operation, eight Pakistani soldiers were killed and three were badly injured.


Para commandos of the Indian Army took revenge on their martyred comrade, and brought beheading of 3 soldiers of Pakistan Army along with rank identity card badges of the killed Pakistani soldier.


Indian Army commandos spent a total of 48 hours inside enemy territory And after performing the operation, the commandos left for the LoC at 7:45 in the morning, the first team at 12:00 in the afternoon, the second team at 1:00 and the third team had reached their post safely at 2:30.


Operation Ginger was carried out in this manner, and a lesson was taught to the Pakistani forces.