Rashtriya Rifles





The Rashtriya Rifles is a branch of the Indian Army under the authority of the Indian Ministry of Defence. The RR is a counter-insurgency force made up of soldiers deputed from other units of the Indian Army. The force is currently deployed in the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, as well as the Ladakh union territory. It is one of the most lethal regiment of Indian Army .

Active:-1990 – Present(by 7th Prime minister of India V P Singh)

Size:-80,000 Active Personnel

Total Battalion of the RR:-65

Headquarters Type:-Counter-insurgency

:-Udhampur, J&K



Motto(s):-दृढ़ता और वीरता (Courage and Valor)


War Cry:-Bajrangbali ki Jai (Glory to Lord Hanuman)






  • The army got the go-ahead to create the RR from Vishwanath Pratap Singh government in 1990.
  • The initial sanction was for two sector headquarters (HQs) each of three battalions. When General B.C. Joshi became Chief of Army Staff. ,  Joshi pushed a long-held army view, that India was involved in an extended counter-insurgency akin to the Naga problem in the northeast. Hence a new force, like the Assam Rifles, was needed which could be permanently located in the area to counter the insurgents. He was of the opinion that using the army divisions for CI would be playing into Pakistani hands. He instead pushed for setting up 10 more RR sector HQs consisting of 30 battalions, or the equivalent of three divisions. It was also felt that in the bargain the army would have three additional battle-hardened divisions, ready for rear guard action during war. In 1994, the P.V. Narasimha Rao government gave a conditional go-ahead for a period of three years. By 1994 the RR had 5,000 troops, all of whom served in Jammu and Kashmir.




  • Jawans JCO & Officers are inducted in this security force on deputation basis for a service period of 2 to 3 years
  • Infantry:-50%
  • ASCcorps of signals and EME :-40%
  • Others arms:-40%


Before joining the Rashtriya Rifles, soldiers are provided special training at the Corps Battle School.So that all of them can work together well, during this time they are given special training like :

Close Quarter

Battle Tactics

Urban Warfare and Room Opening.


Apart from this, the personnel of Rashtriya Rifles have many more rights under AFSPA Under which, on suspicion of any person, he can search and arrest any warrant without.





The RR units come under four "Counter Insurgency Force" (CIF) HQs. Each CIF is responsible for an area of the Kashmir Valley and Jammu Division. There were originally four CIFs, until the RR raised a fifth "Uniform" force in 2003–04:


  • Counter Insurgency Force (CIF)     Romeo Force – Rajouri and Poonch
  • Counter Insurgency Force (CIF)      Delta Force – Doda
  • Counter Insurgency Force (CIF)       Victor Force – Anantnag, Pulwama, Shopian, Kulgam and Budgam
  • Counter Insurgency Force (CIF)      Kilo Force – Kupwara, Baramulla and Srinagar
  • Counter Insurgency Force (CIF)    Uniform Force – Udhampur and Banihal
  • Victor Force and Kilo Force come under the operational control of 15 Corps. Delta Force, Romeo Force and uniform force come under the operational control of the 16 Corps.
  • Each force is headed by a general officer commanding (GOC) with the rank of a Major General. In terms of their location and use, each of the units and sectors was seen as being interchangeable with a regular, equivalent army formation. GOC Victor Force in some instances would have 2 sector HQs and a regular infantry brigade in his charge. On the other hand, when 8 Mountain Division moved to Kashmir, it came with 2 brigades which were then augmented by adding a sector of the RR apart from a couple of independent mountain brigades to it.

Not any direct recruitment for the rashtriya rifles

Thus it is not possible to join the RR directly, as personnel must first join a regiment before they can serve in the RR. RR personnel receive 25% more salary than regular army personnel and additional benefits, thus often making it a coveted deputation.citation needed


If one wants to join the Rashtriya Rifles, then one has to first join any regiment of the Indian Army.

Rashtriya Rifles is counted among the deadliest security force units of the Indian Army.Because this force is specially deployed to neutralize terrorists It has more than 25 years of experience in this matter And this force has eliminated more than 21000 Militants since its inception.







RR comprises 65 battalions.

Known RR battalion affiliations include:

1 RR – Mahar Regiment

2 RR – Sikh Light Infantry

3 RR – Jammu & Kashmir Rifles

4 RR – Bihar Regiment

5 RR – Jat Regiment

6 RR – Sikh Regiment

7 RR – Punjab Regiment

8 RR – Madras Regiment

9 RR – Rajputana Rifles

10 RR – Rajput Regiment

11 RR – Dogra Regiment

12 RR – The Grenadiers

13 RR – Kumaon Regiment

14 RR – Garhwal Rifles

15 RR – Gorkha Rifles

16 RR – Sikh Regiment

17 RR – Maratha Light Infantry

18 RR – Rajputana Rifles

19 RR – Sikh Light Infantry

20 RR – Dogra Regiment

21 RR – Brigade of the Guards

22 RR – Punjab Regiment

23 RR – Rajput Regiment

11 RR – Dogra Regiment

12 RR – The Grenadiers

13 RR – Kumaon Regiment

14 RR – Garhwal Rifles

15 RR – Gorkha Rifles

16 RR – Sikh Regiment

17 RR – Maratha Light Infantry

18 RR – Rajputana Rifles

19 RR – Sikh Light Infantry

20 RR – Dogra Regiment

21 RR – Brigade of the Guards

22 RR – Punjab Regiment

23 RR – Rajput Regiment

24 RR – Bihar Regiment

25 RR – Army Air Defence

26 RR – Kumaon Regiment

27 RR – Maratha Light Infantry

28 RR – Jammu & Kashmir Rifles

29 RR – The Grenadiers

30 RR – Mahar Regiment

31 RR – Parachute Regiment

32 RR – Gorkha Rifles

33 RR – Gorkha Rifles

34 RR – Jat Regiment

35 RR – Assam Regiment

36 RR – Garhwal Rifles

37 RR – Punjab Regiment

38 RR – Madras Regiment

39 RR – The Grenadiers

40 RR – Dogra Regiment

41 RR – Maratha Light Infantry

42 RR – Assam Regiment

43 RR – Rajputana Rifles

44 RR – Rajput Regiment

45 RR – Jat Regiment

46 RR – Sikh Regiment

47 RR – Bihar Regiment

48 RR – Garhwal Rifles

49 RR – Sikh Light Infantry

50 RR – Kumaon Regiment

51 RR – Mahar Regiment

52 RR – Jammu & Kashmir Rifles

53 RR – Punjab Regiment

54 RR – Madras Regiment

55 RR – The Grenadiers

56 RR – Maratha Light Infantry

57 RR – Rajputana Rifles

58 RR – Rajput Regiment

59 RR – Assam Regiment

60 RR – Naga Regiment

61 RR – Jat Regiment

62 RR – Dogra Regiment

63 RR – Bihar Regiment

19 Rashtriya Rifles Sikh





  19 RR Sikh Light Infantry killed Burhan Wani, the most dangerous terrorist in Kashmir Valley


44 Rashtriya Rifle led by Major Rohit Shukla was challenged by Sameer Tiger, the terrorist was killed within 24 hours After this Major Rohit Shukla was honoured by  Shaurya Chakra

So far, 6 Ashok Chakra 34 Kirti Chakra 221 Shaurya Chakra 1500 Sena Medal has been awarded to the individual of Rashtriya Rifles for courage and valor.