MARCOS - Marine Special Forces

                                          MARCOS COMMANDO




                         Motto:-The few the fearless

                         Active:-February 1987 – present

                         Anniversaries:-14 February

                         Garrison/HQ:-INS Karna, Visakhapatnam, India

                          Nickname(s):-Magarmach (The Crocodiles),

                          Dadhiwala Fauji (The bearded army)


  • Operation Cactus,
  • Operation Leech,
  • Operation Pawan,
  • Kargil War,
  • Operation Black Tornado,
  • Operation Cyclone,

Counter-insurgency operations in Kashmir


Previously known as Marine commando force, it is an Elite special operation unit of the Indian Navy. they are capable of conducting operations under

  • Amphibious warfare
  • Counter terrorism
  • Direct action
  • Hostage rescue
  • Unconventional warfare

The Marcos are capable of undertaking operation in all types of terrain they are specialised in in Maritime operations in Jammu and Kashmir wular Lake as well.

Marcos r are widely feared among the terrorists who call them "dadhiwala Fauji"because of the the beard disguise in civil areas.





In 1986, the Indian Navy started planning for the creation of a special forces unit that would be capable of undertaking various operations; the selected force underwent training courses with the United States Navy SEALs at Coronado.In 1987, the Marcos officially came into existence.





Application for Marine commando is made by male volunteers of the Indian Navy applications from other forces are not accepted.

Candidates undergo training in four phases to become a fully qualified Marine commando.

Phase 1 preselection

Phase 2 selection

Phase 3 basic training SF

Phase 4 probation period

 Advanced SF training

The total duration of their training is 2 and half years.





 Operations undertaken by Marcos are Usually Classified. Some of the well known operation are:-

  • Operation Pawan,1987
  • Operation cactus,1988
  • Operation Tasha,1991
  • Operation Zabardast,1992
  • Operation rakshak,ongoing
  • Operation Rahat in Yemen,2015
  • Operation black tornado,2008
  • Kargil War,1999
  • Abduction of Dubai princess Sheikha Latifa  2018




The Marine commandos communities operators out of naval bases of Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Goa, Karachi and Port Blair INS Abhimanyu located in Mumbai was the Base where Marcos was formed.

In 2016 INS karna was commissioned near Visakhapatnam as a permanent base unit.