MARCOS TRAINING PERIOD              



MARCOS Commando (Indian Navy MARCOS Commando) is considered one of the best commandos of India. It is a special force of the Indian Navy. It is known as MARCOS or Marine Commandos (earlier known as Marine Commando Force or MCF). It specializes in underwater and sub-anti-piracy operations to counter terrorism. At the same time, they also carry out their operations on the ground. He was instrumental in Operation Vijay during the Kargil War. Come, know how these commandos are trained 



  • All MARCOS personnel are males selected from the Indian Navy when they are in their early 20s and have to go through a stringent selection process and training.
  • The selection standards are extremely high. Training is a continuous process. American and British special forces assisted in setting up the initial training program, which now consists of a two-year course for new recruits.
  • The training regimen includes airborne operations, combat diving courses, counter-terrorism, anti-hijacking, anti-piracy operations, direct action, infiltration and exfiltration tactics, special reconnaissance and unconventional warfare .. Most of the training is conducted at INS Abhimanyu, which is also the home base of MARCOS.

. All MARCOS personnel are freefall qualified in HALO ( High Altitude Low Opening jump ) and HAHO (High Opening High Jump ) . A few also qualify to operate two-man submarines. MARCOS train with the SPECIAL FORCES and PARA COMMANDOS

The trainees of Marcos commandos are given para jumping at the Paratrooper Training School, Agra. At the same time, for diving training, he gets training at the Naval Diving School in Kochi. The training of MARCOS commandos includes open and close circuit diving, advanced weapons skills, demolition, endurance training and basic commando skills including martial arts, aerial training, intelligence training, submarine craft operations, offshore operations, counter-terrorism operations, from submarines Steering, skydiving, various specialized skills like language training, convention method, explosive handling techniques etc. 


  • The pre-training selection process is made up of two parts. Indian Navy personnel who want to join MARCOS must undergo a three-day physical fitness and aptitude test. Within this process, 80% of the applicants are screened out. A further screening process known as 'hell's week' is similar to USA’S NAVY SEAL’S “ Hell weak “ This involves a high degree of physical exercise and sleep deprivation. After this process, actual training begins  Around 98% of the volunteers who enroll fail to fully qualify as MARCOS


  • The total duration of training of MARCOS is between two-and-a-half years and three years
  • The basic training lasts six months. The first two months is the selection phase, during the first month of which he first phase of which recruits undergo rigorous physical tests, of which only 50% pass.
  • For the next nine months, they are taught to use different weapons, conduct special warfare techniques and gather intelligence from the enemy The cadets start with basic diving and commando tactics and skills. Those who pass this phase are trained in every aspect of modern warfare and in every situation. This is followed by a year of training in specialised skills such as close combat.

The further training takes place under Basic Training SF :

  • Open and closed circuit diving
  • Basic commando skills including advanced weapon skills, demolitions, endurance training and martial arts
  • Airborne training
  • Intelligence training
  • Operation of submersible craft
  • Offshore operations
  • Anti-terrorism operations
  • Operations from submarine
  • Explosive Ordinance  disposal technique


The marine commandos undergo regular training sessions in this computer-generated programme to be well-prepared for a strike similar to the 26/11 attack in Advanced SF Training