UNIFORM CIVIL CODE            







 UNIFORM CIVIL CODE refers to a single law applicable to all citizens in their personal matters such as marriage divorce the study of adoption and inheritance .

It is intended to help the system of fragmented personal law which currently governs interpersonal relationships and related matters within different related communities.




Britishers events submitted its report in 1835 stressing the need of of uniformity in the the codification of of warriors Indian laws but they still left out personal loss in order to maintenance the diversity

In 1941 Hindu laws were codified by the B N Ram committee which followed by Hindu,Sikhs, Buddhist and Jains.

Muslims law is not codified but they are based on their religious texts under. Shariyat Application Act and dissolution of Muslim marriage act the same is for Zoroastrians and Christians.

Then we have a special marriage act under which inter-caste marriage takes place.


Uniform civil code is stated under article 44.

It was declared as a DPSP  in the constitution and therefore it can't be enforced in the court of law.

It was not made a fundamental law as it could signify as provoking the Muslims.

Uniform civil code has both pros and cons. On a positive connotation it promotes real secularism. It states that all Indians should be treated the same. It would provide more power to women and would definitely help in the integration and modernization of India.

Summit short cuts might suggest that the government is Hindunising the society in the name of uniform civil code.

Through personal laws being practiced by different religions ,  it supports freedom of religion which can be infringed if UNIFORM CIVIL CODE is applied.

The UNIFORM CIVIL CODE  could become a tool to erode this right and suppress  minorities and homogenised culture .

In 2010 UNIFORM CIVIL CODE was denied by the supreme court and they suggested for family laws.

Again in 2019 and 2021 supreme court  lauded uniform civil code and asked the government to take steps to improve it.